I Love Lamp

I Love Lamp 2.1

Psychedelic lamps on your Dashboard


  • Customize lamp style and lava
  • Lava animation


  • Small settings menu


Remember those kitsch lava lamps from the 60's? You can finally decorate your Mac desktop with one of them thanks to this Dashboard widget. In itself, the widget is comparable to the lamps themselves, useless, except maybe for decoration.

I Love Lamp can be customized and you can choose from a number of lamp styles (there's one in the shape of a rocket) and more than a dozen lava colors.
Unfortunately the settings menu is very small and you can't always see clearly what style you're picking.
Some people would never be caught dead with a lava lamp in their house or worse, on their Macs.

Look, it's the most glorious rainbow ever! Bring the 60s to your dashboard with I Love Lamp, a lava lamp widget. Buying something from the Lavaworld online store will help ensure continued development of I Love Lamp and make your lounge room groovy, baby.

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I Love Lamp


I Love Lamp 2.1

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